Hey you! Are you forgetting something for Chinese New Year?

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After sending off the fireworks, it’s now time to prepare for firecrackers (figuratively of course, please observe local laws on flammables and explosives).

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Ushering in the Chinese New Year is no easy feat – cleaning the house, throwing out the trash, stocking up the pantry, scrubbing the kitchen, replenishing the fridge, buying new clothes, repairing the car, hanging up decorations, and painting the town red.

Well, perhaps not that last point, but you get the idea. Having said that, almost everyone always forgets to do one thing – take care of their own health.

Spring cleaning is always a time to reflect on the old life; dusting off the cobwebs to help provide a clean slate and make room for welcoming new opportunities. It’s also a time where you make a mental check on the things you’ve neglected in the past and commit to better management of your life. Similarly, it is a great time to check in on your health – how is your body doing? Have you been eating well? Have you recently been stressed, and how has the stress affected your well-being?

It’s easy to forget about your own health, especially when you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of modern work life. However, cleaning the house and throwing out the trash is easy. Managing health complications that can result from years of neglecting to have regular check-ups, unfortunately, isn’t as simple.

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Prevention is better than cure

Catching any potential health risks early (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol) is crucial to maintaining a healthy body. Without regular maintenance and attention, health conditions can escalate and preventable issues can creep up on you.

Sometimes, even with careful lifestyle planning and care, some illnesses can still lurk within your body, as not all illnesses present obvious symptoms.

Knowing exactly how your body is performing and what you need to take care of is similar to servicing your car and understanding its quirks. Keeping regular tabs on your health allows you to understand how you can perform your best, whether at work, at home, or in life.

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Taking care of any early signs of chronic diseases through simple lifestyle changes can help ensure you are always in tip top shape. If nothing else, it gives you a peace of mind, knowing that you can enjoy the Chinese New Year festivities without worry.

MyDoc health screening is designed taking into account the hectic lifestyle of the modern worker. With personalised health reports sent directly to your phone, and hassle-free follow-up with a doctor wherever you are; we are keeping the process quick and convenient.

As you make preparations for another round of merriment this Chinese New Year, don’t forget to book yourself in for a health screening. Let us take care of your health, so you can spend more time focusing on quality time with your loved ones.

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