Aetna Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited has partnered with MyDoc, a regional digital healthcare provider with a presence across 8 countries in Asia. The partnership offers Aetna members in Hong Kong virtual access to locally licensed doctors over their mobile phone or computer.

Aetna’s partnership with MyDoc began in Singapore in 2016, offering virtual GP consultations to eligible members. The extension of this service to Aetna members in Hong Kong follows the same principles employed in Singapore – providing members with a fast and convenient way of consulting a doctor and facilitating same-day home delivery of medication. Patients can also have digital medical certificates and referral letters to specialists sent to their account. As well as taking care of their own health, members will also be able to use the service for their children or other dependants.

Unnecessary prescription of medication is a concern in Hong Kong’s healthcare sector, so the patient-centric program has been designed to remove incentives to over-treat or over-prescribe.

Aetna will initially be piloting the MyDoc service in Hong Kong with select clients, ahead of a broader roll-out over the next few months.

“While Hong Kong had been slow to embrace virtual health services, the COVID-19 situation has accelerated adoption and we’ve had feedback that people are now embracing this convenient way of seeing a doctor,” says Kevin Jones, CEO of Aetna Hong Kong. “In the coming months, we look forward to being able to offer this valuable service to more Aetna members in Hong Kong, as part of their health benefits plan.”

“People are facing challenges in taking care of their health while managing work in Hong Kong’s fast-paced environment, as they battle a third wave of COVID-19. Using a telehealth service ensures that people are getting the right level of care they need, wherever they are, without needing to physically travel to a clinic in person,” said Jonathan Linstow, General Manager of MyDoc’s Hong Kong operations. “By working with Aetna Hong Kong, we are able to provide the working population with a safer and more convenient way to consult with a doctor and manage their healthcare needs.”

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