Fear spreads faster than any virus.
Don’t let fear infect your brain.


Fear spreads faster than any virus.
Don’t let fear infect your brain.

Not all sniffles = COVID-19.

Don’t worry yourself sick.

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Everything you want to know about us

What is the COVID-19 Clinic?

This is a triage assessment service that is created specifically in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

A dedicated team of Singapore-licensed doctors will assess your risk, address your concerns, and help allay your fears over flu-like symptoms. MyDoc is in a regulatory sandbox with the Singapore Ministry of Health.

Who is eligible to use it?

Anyone who may have respiratory/flu symptoms or has concerns that they would like to address regarding the COVID-19 virus. The clinic is ready to provide timely triage assessments to alleviate any worries that may stem from misinformation and general panic associated with the condition.

What are the clinic operating hours?

The COVID-19 clinic is provided by Singapore-based doctors and is open daily from 8am-10pm (GMT +8).

In what language(s) is the service available?

The assessments are conducted in English, with limited availability in Chinese, Malay, Thai and Vietnamese.

What happens if a patient shows symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19?

During the assessment, patients will be evaluated based on their risk of being infected with COVID-19, and will be advised on precautionary measures. If a patient is determined to meet case suspect criteria or is suffering from moderate to severe symptoms, they will be triaged into a higher risk category. The follow-up action will include going to a hospital or clinic.

Who can see my information?

You will be requested for your details only during your first consultation. This information will be saved to your profile and viewable only by the healthcare professionals attending to you on MyDoc. This information can be updated by you at any time.

Who is behind this initiative?

The COVID-19 clinic is a public service initiative started by MyDoc employees and TGH Collective working in partnership with Creatives for a Cause.

The clinic is manned by Singapore-licensed doctors according to the Singapore Ministry of Health guidelines.

What do we provide besides COVID-19 Clinic?

We are a digital healthcare provider for employers and insurers. Some of the services we provide for our clients include:

  • 24/7 medical triage to assess your health condition
  • 24/7 online GP consultations
  • Digital prescriptions, medical certificates, and specialist referrals
  • Services from registered and experienced Singapore doctors and pharmacists
  • Personal, private and secure patient profile with data tracking and health records

What other services do I get?

As a MyDoc user, you are also eligible to access services provided by MyDoc’s network of healthcare partners.

Select any of the public groups on your care network page to learn more about these services.

Why MyDoc?

  • Consult a GP from the comfort of your home/ office
  • Minimal waiting time: Average waiting time for an appointment < 10min
  • No time spent travelling to a clinic: Average 2.5 hours saved

Pledge it forward!

If you liked our triage assessment service and would like to keep it going, you can make a donation so we can continue to benefit others.

If you are a doctor you can also pledge a certain amount of hours dedicated to this cause.

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    Your triage assessment is sponsored by

    Parkway Cancer Centre
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    Tay Guan Hin (TGH Collective)
    Eugene Cheong (Formerly Ogilvy Asia-Pacific)
    Patrick Low (Goodfellas)
    Koh Hwee Peng (Blak Labs)
    Ai-Lin Tan (Wunderman Thompson)
    Troy Lim (Ex Y&R Singapore)
    Uma Rudd Chia (Weber Shandwick)

    A community initiative by:
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