Do you feel the urge to eat more even after a large meal? The solution to this problem could perhaps lie within your rapid eating speed.

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It takes 20 minutes for the nervous system to recognize satiety (fullness) and for us to be aware of it. Eating triggers a series of complex hormonal signals between the gut and the nervous system, which can be missed if you simply eat too quickly. We have listed a few ways to slow down your eating pace while savoring your scrumptious meal.

1. Switch off your electrical devices 
Your devices, such as your TV, computer, and phone, are the main culprits for distracting you from your meal, inherently causing you to eat mindlessly.

2. Take 3 slow, deep breaths before the start of your meal 
While doing this, notice the colors and textures of your meal, while taking a whiff of its aroma. Notice the saliva forming in your mouth, and note the emotions at the present moment-are you anxious to start your meal? Are you frustrated that you had a tough morning? Acknowledge any feelings that you might have and move on.

3. Take small bites and chew them thoroughly
Count the number of times that you chew and resist the first impulse of swallowing. While doing this, notice where in your mouth the food is going to, and what teeth you are using the most. Before you finally swallow your food, ask yourself if you have really chewed your food enough. 

Put your cutlery down at each bite
This will allow you to take more time in between bites and prevent “automatic” movements of putting food in the mouth.

5. Halfway through your meal, stop and access your hunger and satiety levels

Put your hand in the stomach and ask yourself the following questions: 

– “Am I full?”
– “How much food do I need to feel satisfied?”
– “Is the food that I have on my plate too much for what I really need?”

6. Finish your meal with 3 deep breaths

Be thankful for the opportunity to nourish your body and for the intense effort put in by nature, farmers, transporters, and cooks to ensure that you would have this meal.

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