Diwali is the celebration of lights for its is the triumph of good over evil. Festivities of Diwali are set apart, with common conventional tidbits arranged at home, or locally acquired on the day for simplicity, as well as standard social gatherings over lunch or dinner with loved ones alongside trade of blessings. 

Here are few simple tips to a cheerful and for-sure solid Diwali! 

1Before the Party
  • Eat a little bite or feast before the gathering to abstain from gorging at the gathering 
  • Hydrate yourself through the day to avoid confusing thirst with yearning and swallowing down the snacks and treats. 
  • Complete your activity or exercise routine toward the beginning of the day

2. During the Party 

  • Infused water has zero calories and is more beneficial than mixed drinks, mocktails and alcoholic beverages. 
  • Salad sticks with hummus or guacamole, steamed or air-fried or grilled bites with chutneys, plain nuts will keep you satisfied longer than fried snacks, salted or sweetened nuts. 
  • Bread produced using whole wheat flour, for example, tandoori roti, chapati or phulka will keep you feeling full longer than puri, naan, kulcha. 
  • Avoid or minimise gravies. Instead, choose the vegetable or pulse or chicken or fish piece to enjoy the flavour to minimise the calories and fat.

3. Size does make a difference
In the event that you might want to enjoy the conventional desserts and tidbits: 
  • Choose smaller portions

  • Share the desserts and snacks

  • Use smaller plates and bowls 

  • Take little nibbles and chew your food slowly to relish the taste 

      4. Simple and speedy tidbit swaps
      The least demanding fast swaps for customary Diwali bites are fruits, dry fruits and nuts. Compared to dry fruits and nuts, fresh fruits are the lowest in calories. Fruits on a stick can be used as appetisers, snacks and desert. The whole mithais like kaju katli has fewer calories than mithais with sugar syrup such as gulab jamun, rasgulla, ras malai etc. Similarly, energy balls made with dates and dry fruit are more nutritious and a good replacement for barfis and ladoos.

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