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Stay Home Stories: Life away from home

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Chen is the Strategy Development Director at MyDoc. On a typical day, he would be meeting with clients to develop partnership deals.

He is also the father of a 3 year old, while his parents live in China. Here is how life has continued for him.

In February when China was hit the hardest, I was very concerned about my parent’s wellbeing. At the time, I sent a few packs of surgical masks back, as my parents were not able to get access to any at all.

These past couple weeks however, China has gotten it under control, while Singapore is seeing a steady increase in new daily reported cases. My parents are in turn much worried about us in Singapore. We had to be really careful on omitting certain details when talking to my parents, as the extreme measures that were imposed on the country earlier in the year have instilled a level of unrealistic concern in them. We didn’t want our parents to get panicked or upset.

My wife works in the hotel industry, which was badly hit in this outbreak. For a while there were concerns about staff being made redundant. The company my wife works for has temporarily freezed part time hires to safeguard the jobs of staff members. That also means my wife has to work over the weekends onsite to assist in events operations. This puts her at a higher risk as she will come in contact with more people.

Of course both my wife and I are worried, but we both agree that life goes on, and we are making the most out of it. In fact, it is a really good time for us to educate our 3 year old to take care of his personal hygiene.

We are now opting to stay home over the weekends instead of bringing him out to the community centres to play with the other kids, and my son has been really understanding. He even said to me “There’s a scary virus outside that eats people up!”

It has been tough trying to keep up with a high energy kid while working from home. So I took the opportunity to buy a whole lot of books online to keep him occupied. It’s been a good way to get him into the habit of reading.

Kids will be kids though. There was a day he was jumping on the bed to some music but fell and cut his eyebrows! There was a bit of a rush to get him stitched up in the hospital after that. On the bright side, since that incident he’s been much more obedient, maybe because he knows he did something wrong.

Stay Home Stories is a series of personal accounts of MyDoc staff members on how the Covid-19 outbreak has affected their daily lives, and how they are managing it with their families.

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