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Stay Home Stories: Life with 2 young children

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Audrey is MyDoc’s Key Account Manager. On any given day, she will be liaising with our clients and partners, providing onboarding and training to new clients, as well as ensuring all client and partner relations run smoothly.

Audrey is also a mother of 2 young children, aged 5 and 2. This is how life goes on for her since the Covid-19 outbreak.

My daughter is in a childcare preschool, while my youngest is staying with my mum. My daughter loves it when my husband or myself work from home, because that means she gets to see mom and dad. For her, she thinks that’s the new norm now.

My husband works in the financial sector and his company has implemented the A/B team system. So now, when my daughter sees her dad in t-shirt and shorts, she gets really excited and will ask “Daddy, what time are you picking me up from school?”

Since Singapore has announced DORSCON Orange, the school has been sending us parents constant updates from ECDA (early childhood development agency). They’ve also been teaching the children about the virus through cute little stories and telling them to wash their hands more often.

That’s been really useful, and both my kids are handling the situation really well. They know they have to wash their hands and change their clothes if they’ve just returned home. Just the other day I was going to get some groceries and my daughter said: “Mummy, my teacher said we cannot be out in crowded places because of the virus!”

Being a working mum, I tend to do a lot of shopping for baby goods online, and this hasn’t been easy. With the logistics industry being heavily disrupted, it has been difficult to get shipment, with some deliveries delayed for 2 weeks. Even in the shops, sometimes we can’t find stock for baby milk powder for a whole week.

The shortage in stocks has mildly annoyed my parents, although in general they are pretty calm about it; I think they are more worried about the upcoming election! My in-laws are a bit more concerned and will make sure we have enough of the essentials at home, and will constantly send us updates.

Stay Home Stories is a series of personal accounts of MyDoc staff members on how the Covid-19 outbreak has affected their daily lives, and how they are managing it with their families.

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