Healthcare employees love and HR finds easy to implement

Next-gen healthcare designed to care for employees 24/7/365 and reduce healthcare expenses.


Key reasons why over 200 employers use MyDoc

Easy to use

Simple product design that requires minimal training, set up and implementation overheads, for companies of any size.

Happy employees

Keep employees actively engaged and healthy with a simple and convenient design as proven by high employee satisfaction.

Save money

Identity problems before it is too late with continuous care. Lower hospital re-admissions with higher patient follow-up rates.

Connected care

The only platform used by the largest diagnostics labs, pharmacies, leading insurers and Fortune 500 companies to provide employee care.

Employees enjoy saving time and
receiving personal care and attention

4 Hours

Average hours saved


Of employees saved an average of 3 hours


Likely or very likely to use the service again

9 minutes

Median response time

“Great and fast service reply even as early as 4am!”

Albert Bautista

“It’s really helpful for people like me who self medicate.”

Karmila Salim

“This service is excellent! I have used it several times, to speak to a doctor or pharmacist. It saves so much time for simple questions! Thank you for providing this service!”

Bianca Comfort

“Really like this service. I had been able to avoid wasted trips. And get advice almost like F2F. It’s convenient & time-saving. Thanks.”

Lisa Neo

“I was not able to leave the house due to embarrassing and uncomfortable symptoms. This service enabled me to speak to a doctor via video call and then receive my medicine a couple of hours later. I was also able to obtain a medical certificate. Thank you.”

Carly Zimmer

Connects patients, medical professionals and insurers under one online platform


A single gateway coordinating personal healthcare

Seamless integration of online-to-offline private healthcare providing seamless care coordination that creates better health outcomes and reduces healthcare costs.

Hassle-free plug and play plans to fit any business

One platform for comprehensive and personalised employee healthcare.

Basic Care

Suitable for small to medium size businesses.

  • MyDoc platform access
  • 24/7 healthcare advisory
  • Unlimited pharmacist consults
  • 24/7 GP consults
  • E-medical certificates
  • E-prescriptions
  • Specialist referrals

Preventive Care

Ideal for any business.

  • Everything in Basic Care
  • Annual health screening
  • Annual health screening consults
  • Unlimited GP consults

Complete Care

Great for multi-national companies.

  • Everything in Basic Care and Preventive Care
  • Chronic disease management for diabetes, hypertension, obesity and hypercholesterolemia

Give your employees a seamless and convenient health screening experience

We offer a secure digital online report and online follow-up, at your convenience, available on web and mobile devices.

Step 1

Online registration for employees to sign up for the on-site health screening on MyDoc.

Step 2

Employees will receive their results securely online through MyDoc post screening.

Step 3

Employees can simply schedule a follow-up online consultation with a medical professional.

Basic Health Screening includes

Height / Weight (BMI)
Waist Circumference
Blood Pressure
Diabetic Panel / Fasting Glucose
Cardiac Profile
Individual Online Report
Online Follow-Up

Free for eligible participants under the SME Health+ Chronic Disease Management Programme.


Individual tests and/or upgraded packages are also available. All screenings are done onsite. To book your interest and/or for more information, please contact us at

Catch illnesses before it is too late and costly

From preventive to acute and chronic care, MyDoc’s data-driven integrated care process
steers employees onto personal care pathways.

Create an account and sign up for the
on-site health screening on MyDoc

Securely view you online health diary with Health data tracking and Lab data integration.

Access online consultation, treatment plan and receive E-prescriptions and medical referral without leaving home.

Connects patients, medical professionals and insurers under one online platform