Living in Singapore can be stressful—especially as a working adult. Your health usually takes a back seat as you try to strike a balance between work, friends, and family. Naturally, going for a health screening in Singapore is probably the last thing on your to-do list—if it’s even on your list at all. 

Health screenings, however, are essential in the early detection of many conditions, giving you a headstart to combat any illnesses such as chronic diseases before complications set in.

It can be challenging to find a good health screening provider in Singapore, considering that there are so many health screening packages and providers to choose from. 

From where to go for health screening in Singapore to how much they can cost, we’ll walk through the different healthcare provider options you have. 

infographic on where to go for health screening in Singapore

Where can you go for health screening in Singapore?

The cost of going for a health screening in Singapore can vary quite a bit depending on where you go. Contrary to what most people think, doing a health screening in a public hospital might not necessarily be cheaper than at a private healthcare provider. 

Public hospitals

Health screenings in public hospitals actually aren’t subsidised. This is because you can’t get a referral from a polyclinic or A&E for health screening. As such, getting health screening done at a public hospital could still turn out to be more expensive than at a private hospital. 

Here’s a table containing the prices of health screening packages at some public hospitals in Singapore.

ProviderPackageWhat it includesPrice
Ng Teng Fong General HospitalEssential Package– Medical health assessment
– Comprehensive physical examination
– Obesity screening
– Personalised medical report
– Medical review by doctor
– Fasting blood glucose
– Fasting lipid profile (total, HDL, LDL, triglycerides)
Tan Tock Seng HospitalCore Screening Package– Body impedance analysis
– Blood pressure
– Glucose screen
– Cholesterol screen
– Stool for occult blood
– Complete history taking
– Complete physical examination
– Auroscopy
– Counselling
– Rectal examination (optional)
– Breast examination (for ladies)
– Medical report and review
Changi General HospitalCore Health Screening– Medical review
– Kidney function test
– Liver function test
– Diabetes screening
– Cholesterol screening
– Full blood count
– Urine analysis
– Hepatitis B screening
– Uric acid
– Stool analysis
– Post screening review

As you can see from the above, even the price variation between public hospitals can be quite large. 

Private hospitals

Male doctor taking the blood pressure of a young woman as part of a health screening in Singapore

Prices for health screening packages in private hospitals also vary widely. As such, they might not be more expensive than at public hospitals. Health screenings at private hospitals tend to provide more exhaustive tests and screenings in their packages compared to those at public hospitals. 

ProviderPackageWhat it includesPrice
Raffles Medical Raffles Basic– Interview on medical history by doctor
– Physical examination by doctor
– Clinical measurements
– 12-lead resting electrocardiogram
– Lipid/cholesterol profile
– Fasting blood sugar
– Full blood count
– Uric acid
– Urine analysis
– Post examination review by doctor
Mount Alvernia HospitalBasic 120– Medical review by doctor
– Height, weight, and BMI
– Visual acuity assessment
– Resting electrocardiography (ECG)
– Cholesterol profile (total, HDL, LDL, triglycerides)
– Diabetes (glucose) screen
– Gout (uric acid)
– Kidney function area (urea, creatinine)
Parkway East HospitalEssential Package– Medical consultation
– Biophysical measurements
– Essential functions such as cholesterol profile, kidney function, and thyroid function
– Disease screening, such as for diabetes, Hepatitis A and B
– Urine analysis
– Stool occult blood
– Cardiac screen
– Imaging tests 

Private clinics

Due to the high level of competition among private clinics in Singapore, expect an even larger price variation. Here are some examples of health screening packages in Singapore offered by private clinics. 

Central ClinicBasic Package– Cholesterol Screen
– Diabetes
– Gout
– Kidney function
– Liver function
– Urine test
LifeScan Medical CentreGeneral Health Screening – Medical assessment
– Evaluation and report
– Investigations
– Hematology profile
– Diabetic profile
– Bone and joint profile
– Lipid/cardiac risk profile
– Renal profile
– Urine/stool analysis
– Hepatitis profile
– Cancer marker
– Thyroid profile
Fullerton Health Live Fuller Premium– Physical examination by doctor which includes examination of heart, lungs, and abdomen, neurological and musculoskeletal examination, and BMI and body fat analysis
– Extensive urine and blood investigations
– Medical report and review  

Whether you’ll be doing your health screening at a public hospital or a private clinic in Singapore, a general rule is that the more tests a package has, the more expensive it will probably be. Of course, you can still choose to get a more basic health screening package in Singapore, and then do separate screenings for individual illnesses.

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Can you do a full health screening in a polyclinic in Singapore? 

Unfortunately, polyclinics do not offer comprehensive health screenings. Polyclinics in Singapore only provide health screenings for specific diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

What about health screening packages in Singapore for women?

Making time for regular health screenings is essential to a woman’s health. For example, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women worldwide. Health screening packages for women generally consist of HPV testings, mammograms, cholesterol screenings, pap smears, and pelvic screenings. 

If you’re looking for a women’s health screening package in Singapore, below are examples of healthcare providers that offer them. 

Lifescan Medical CentreWomen Wellness$218
Raffles Medical GroupRaffles Deluxe Plus$652
Mount Alvernia HospitalAlvernia Ladies Classic$422.70

Where can I go for premarital health screening in Singapore? 

A lot of people think that premarital health screening merely entails doing a fertility check-up. 

In reality, premarital health screening consists of similar tests you can find with typical health screening packages in Singapore. On top of that, it includes tests for hereditary defects, fertility, and other health such as diabetes and hepatitis.

It is recommended that couples include premarital screening as part of their marriage plans, since most individuals may be unaware of genetic disorders or health complications they may have. Premarital health screening can prepare you and provide ample time to discuss any health issues that may be of concern.

Here are some place offering premarital health screening packages in Singapore:

Dr Tan & PartnersWomen’s Basic, Men’s Basic$118.80 (women)
$105.60 (men)
Raffles Medical GroupRaffles Premarital$165.85
Mount Alvernia HospitalIndividual Screening Package, Couple Health Screening Package$268 (individual)
$471 (couple)

Cheap health screening in Singapore: Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) Screen for Life programme

Looking for really cheap health screening in Singapore? You can check out HPB’s Screen for Life programme, which encourages Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents to go for regular health screenings and follow-ups. 

If you’re a Singapore Citizen, you only need to pay $0-$5 per screening visit—but only at Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) General Practitioners (GP) clinics. If you’re a Permanent Resident, other subsidised rates apply.

Depending on what card you hold as a Singapore Citizen, the price you need to pay will vary. Note that the screenings are for specific diseases only, not a full health screening. However, given that you won’t have to pay more than $5, this might still be the cheapest health screening you can find in Singapore 

Pioneer GenerationFree
Merdeka Generation$2 
CHAS (Blue) / CHAS (Orange)$2
Eligible Singapore Citizens / CHAS (Green)$5

Can Medisave be used for health screening in Singapore?

Unfortunately, Medisave cannot be used for general health screenings, but only for specific screenings such as colonoscopies and cervical cancer at polyclinics or approved centres.

However, you might be able to claim for screening costs as part of outpatient treatment if you have chronic conditions covered under the Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP)—for example, diabetes or hypertension. 

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