We want to be your biggest cheerleaders in your weight loss journey

A weight management programme tailor-made for you by a team of healthcare professionals


Take control of your health in 12 weeks

No gimmicks, just professional guidance and support for losing weight safely and effectively 

Did you know?

1.7 million Singaporeans are already at risk of obesity-related diseases.

Source: Singapore Health Promotion Board, 2014.

Just by reducing 10% of your weight, you can

Reduce chances of developing diabetes by up to 60%

Lower cholesterol levels by up to 19%

Reduce pain in joints

Improve mental health

Improve chances of getting pregnant

Sleep better thanks to improved breathing

and more!

It’s easy to get started!

I have questions!

What is LivingLite™ on MyDoc platform?

LivingLite™ is a 12-week, medically-supervised weight management programme designed specifically for patients in Asia. The programme includes curated material and personal support from a team of healthcare professionals to kickstart behavioural change and help patients overcome weight loss challenges. This programme is backed by the Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society of Singapore.

Am I eligible for the LivingLite™ programme?

You must have a BMI of 25 or greater to apply for the programme.

Who are the medical professionals that will attend to me?

You will be assigned to a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals comprised of an accredited dietitian, health coaches with experience in weight management, licensed pharmacists by the Singapore Pharmacy Council, and doctors registered with the Singapore Medical Council, to ensure coordinated care management and emphasis on your well-being throughout the programme.

Wait, must I take medication?

The doctors will recommend starting on Duromine if they feel that you can derive benefit from the complementary effect associated with medication and exercise. They will assess your health and any medical conditions, and will offer the prescription if you are a good candidate and there is a mutual decision to proceed; please speak with your doctor about any contraindications of the drug.

How much do I have to pay?

We are currently the most affordable programme in the market. Patients only need to pay a one time fee of S$270. You don’t have to pay anything until after your first consult with a doctor, where your doctor will assess and advise if the programme is suitable for you. An invoice will then be sent to you by email.

What happens if I stop the programme before the 12 weeks are over?

If you are concerned about any potential challenges during the programme, you should mention it to your health coach or doctor at any time before or during the programme. If you request to withdraw from the programme within 7-days from your date of payment, you will receive a 50% refund of the programme fee.

This refund excludes the cost of the medication. Unfortunately we won’t be able to refund after the 7th day of payment receipt. Upon termination, you will be disengaged from your care team for the LivingLite™ programme. Your MyDoc account will remain active and all its to-date contents will remain accessible to you.

Is the platform secure and private?

Yes! Our platform only stores data on behalf of the user. You still own your medical data and control its access. Users manage the sharing of their medical record with any healthcare providers and are able to see with whom they have shared their personal health record within the platform. MyDoc complies with data privacy protection requirements in Singapore.

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