Guardian-MyDoc clinic: Safely bridging the social gap while maintaining distance

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Singapore may be reopening its doors, but the public remains vigilant. Stringent new guidelines are put in place to reduce the risk of any further mass transmission.

To help the country ease back into a new normal, Guardian and MyDoc are joining forces to open a virtual clinic in stores to help close the social gap without increasing the risk of disease transmission.

The Guardian-MyDoc clinic is an alternative solution for patients to consult a GP on-demand. It is designed to allow patients to drop by select outlets within the pharmacy chain for a quick check-up for any medical concerns, while still maintaining social distance.

Guardian is offering MyDoc’s virtual consult service on-site, enabling the pharmacists to triage walk-in patients and recommend an immediate consultation (as needed) with a MyDoc GP. The consult would be offered in a private in-store space.

The in-store virtual consult service allows pharmacists to provide additional support as needed, and address any medication queries the patients have if a prescription is provided. Guardian-MyDoc clinic is also a more convenient option for patients who may just need a quick visit to the pharmacy to get a simple prescription for common ailments.

With MyDoc’s GPs available at Guardian, patients will have trusted and convenient access to a clinical consultation with a locally licensed doctor without going through long wait times in outside clinics.

At a time when social distancing measures and minimising human-to-human contact is still advised, the virtual clinic service helps reduce the risk of exposure to other patients.

The clinic will first be made available at Guardian’s Causeway Point and Nex branches, with more locations planned later in the year. MyDoc doctors are rostered for the virtual consultation services at Guardian, and the consultations will be held in a private room.

Get started today with the Guardian-MyDoc clinic, or get advice from a Guardian pharmacist through the Ask-a-Pharmacist service.

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