Allianz Partners partners with MyDoc to expands its Digital Health Assistant to ten markets in Asia-Pacific

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  • Initially launched in Europe, this new service gives customers access to a range of digital health services and medical professionals
  • This digital health offer is part of Allianz Partners’ new Digital Access to Care Initiative

SINGAPORE, 16 September 2021 – Responding to a growing demand for digital health services, Allianz Partners first launched the new comprehensive telehealth offering in Europe earlier this year. Supported by a partnership with MyDoc, this integrated virtual health assistant is now available in the following markets: Singapore, Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Australia.

Digital Health Assistant is accessible on a mobile device or desktop via an online messaging platform (WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, etc.) and provides customers with immediate and direct access to four core medical services:

  • Symptom Checker to evaluate and understand symptoms with an AI-based “self-service” guiding system
  • Medical Advice via chat with qualified doctors
  • Video Consultations by MyDoc: Online video consultations with locally licensed doctors who can provide health advice, medical diagnosis, medical certificates, as well as recommend treatments, specialist referrals, offer prescriptions and prescription refills in a local language, 7 days a week
  • Medicine Delivery: Prescription medicine delivered to the patient’s doorstep as needed, after the video consultation through MyDoc

Providing Peace of Mind through Digital Access to Care

This service is the first success story of Allianz Partners’ company-wide Digital Access to Care initiative. The ambition is to develop an ever-widening suite of digital tools and services that build on Allianz Partners’ telehealth portfolio for various customer segments (travellers, credit card holders and expats). The initiative leverages both Allianz Partners’ ‘in-house’ capabilities and platforms, as well as those of external partners such as MyDoc.

“Today it’s all about customer convenience and making access to quality care as fast and easy as possible. Allianz Partners is creating health services that help address people’s challenges in today’s increasingly fast-paced world. Whether those challenges are due to a lack of time, or a lack of information and guidance to make the right choices for their health, our new health assistant brings together a number of digital health services to meet the needs of our customers. And with the Digital Access to Care initiative, we continue to expand our digital and telehealth services within the arenas of prevention and well-being.” said Ida Luka-Lognone, CEO International Health, Allianz Partners.

We are very excited to bring Digital Health Assistant to our customers and partners in the Asia-Pacific region. Allianz Partners’ focus on accelerating its Digital Access to Care initiatives comes at a time of increasing demand for telehealth solutions and comprehensive digital health services particularly in the context of the ongoing Pandemic. We’ve reached a new milestone in bringing peace of mind and reassurance to our customers with this all-in-one platform. Allianz Partners will continue to invest in bringing market-leading health and mental wellbeing solutions to support our customers and communities,” comments Vinay Surana, CEO Asia Pacific, Allianz Partners.

“Since the start of the pandemic last year, we have observed an increase in demand for telehealth on the MyDoc platform, and the demand continues to rise today.  In January this year, we’ve recorded a 272% year on year increase in the number of active users on our platforms. With telehealth services like MyDoc acting as the digital front door for convenient healthcare access, and it’s clear digital health is quickly becoming the preferred first touchpoint for everyone seeking care. By working with forward-thinking partners like Allianz Partners to roll out digital healthcare services, we are able to reach more people, providing value-based healthcare services that allow users to stay in control of their health in a convenient, safe and effective manner,” said Dr Snehal Patel, CEO and co-founder, MyDoc.

More than ever, people are citing the convenience of both accessing healthcare from home and easier access to a doctor as their primary drivers for seeking virtual health assistance[1]. It has been predicted that doctors (as well as patients) will continue, for as long as possible, to have routine consultations online.

Aside from the changes in user behaviour, the digital delivery of medical services and information has the potential to ease the burden on healthcare systems[2]. Further technological breakthroughs will allow more sophisticated types of care to be delivered through digital channels and transform the patient experience.

[1] What are the primary reasons why you would be likely to use video consult or email messaging in the future for an in-person primary care visit? McKinsey consumer survey – February 2020

[2] Life After COVID-19 Report written by Ray Hammond and commissioned by Allianz Partners

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