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Have you ever tried to search for some sensitive information using the incognito mode? Delete your browser history in shame? Perhaps hide in the toilet cubicle to search about an embarrassing issue?

Hiding away searching for answers on the internet in shame is the second most dangerous thing you can do when concerning your sexual health, with the most dangerous being to ignore it.

However, booking an appointment to chat with a doctor is daunting enough, adding to that the stigma attached to being seen consulting a sexual health doctor; it is almost easier to just sweep any persisting health issues under the rug.

Sexual health is one huge taboo topic that most families in Singapore, young or old, find difficult to broach. Yet, a recent research showed that cases of STIs have been on the rise. It’s not an issue that is exclusively occurring amongst the young and lively – the elderly population also face these complications.

This is largely down to the lack of awareness and education; a lot of misconceptions about sex and sexual health is still prevalent across all age groups, which is exacerbated by the taboo culture that is attached to discussing about these topics.

We want to give everyone a safe space to consult a doctor about health queries that are often stigmatised. More importantly, we want to promote a safe way to educate people about sexual health, which can be at times embarrassing, but crucial to the well-being of a person.

Practicing safe sex isn’t just about protection, it’s also important to stay informed about your personal health, without the guesswork. Understanding your body and the best care you can give it is the best way you can protect against further health risks or complications.

That’s why we have partnered with Dr. Tan and Partners (DTAP), a renowned clinic chain specialising in men’s and women’s health, to answer all your questions without the fear of being judged.

You can now chat with DTAP’s doctors directly from MyDoc’s app, and get personal medical advice on questions that you have always been afraid to ask.

For more information, click on the DTAP public group on the MyDoc app.

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